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Anonymous Asked:
would you post a picture of yourself? just to see what you look like nothing else

My answer:

Sorry, I’d just rather let the mystery remain :3 

Anonymous Asked:
what kind of hentai u like the most? show me a title for example

My answer:

I really like either tentacle or yuri hentai. Those have to be my top two. 

For my favorite titles, I enjoy Uniform Tentacles and many others in the tentacles tag on Fakku.

A yuri favorite would have to be the video “Yuri Nurse Me” or something along those lines. It’s short and I can’t find it right off hand, but it was one of the first things that made me realize how much I like girl on girl action >///< 

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ionjam Asked:
Thank you for sharing. I like finding new things, and I have not seen a bunch of the stuff you have posted before. Also, thank you for linking everything wonderfully so that I may look at someones art that I find exemplified here.

My answer:

You’re welcome! I didn’t always source things early on, but when I reblog it’s nice to see someone has it done for me. 

I also try to keep everything pretty, so I find some of the more interesting stuff or nicer looking stuff isn’t as mainstream…so I post it!

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Anonymous Asked:
A lot of cool stuff on here. Love it. So which hentai would you recommend to get a girl addicted

My answer:

Thanks so much! I love positive feedback! 

Well, while it’s been awhile for me personally to follow a series of hentai, my best advice would be to try out Fakku for manga. There’s so many tags to choose from, and all of them translated into English. I have to admit, browsing there has always been an addiction for me! 

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