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Anonymous Asked:
I think I saw a picture of you in your tumblr (If that was you) and you are adorable :3. I would love to talk to you, know what else you are into (aside from your lovely kinks). If you feel like it, would you talk privately? :D.

My answer:

Ah, thank you? If it was from my personal blog it was most likely me :3 

However, I really want to keep my personal life and this blog separate, so sorry, I really don’t accept private messages, or I’ll just deter you. You are always welcome to ask me questions on this blog, however, so long as it keeps within hentai terms! 

Much love! 

Anonymous Asked:
would you post a picture of yourself? just to see what you look like nothing else

My answer:

Sorry, I’d just rather let the mystery remain :3 

Anonymous Asked:
what kind of hentai u like the most? show me a title for example

My answer:

I really like either tentacle or yuri hentai. Those have to be my top two. 

For my favorite titles, I enjoy Uniform Tentacles and many others in the tentacles tag on Fakku.

A yuri favorite would have to be the video “Yuri Nurse Me” or something along those lines. It’s short and I can’t find it right off hand, but it was one of the first things that made me realize how much I like girl on girl action >///< 

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ionjam Asked:
Thank you for sharing. I like finding new things, and I have not seen a bunch of the stuff you have posted before. Also, thank you for linking everything wonderfully so that I may look at someones art that I find exemplified here.

My answer:

You’re welcome! I didn’t always source things early on, but when I reblog it’s nice to see someone has it done for me. 

I also try to keep everything pretty, so I find some of the more interesting stuff or nicer looking stuff isn’t as mainstream…so I post it!

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Anonymous Asked:
A lot of cool stuff on here. Love it. So which hentai would you recommend to get a girl addicted

My answer:

Thanks so much! I love positive feedback! 

Well, while it’s been awhile for me personally to follow a series of hentai, my best advice would be to try out Fakku for manga. There’s so many tags to choose from, and all of them translated into English. I have to admit, browsing there has always been an addiction for me! 

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